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Igniting Greatness


Trust Pyramid
In 2020, the leading cause of
death and disability will be
heart disease and severe depression.
In 1990, it was respiratory infections
and diarrheal disease.

Harvard School of Public Health

Quite the reality check. Are you causing heart disease and severe depression? You are that powerful. “Who me?” Yes, you.

Let’s keep this simple. People either “love to” work with you or “have to” work for you. When people “have to” work for you, their chances for stress increase dramatically. Stress is a leading cause of heart disease and depression. Stress depletes energy, productivity, innovation and ultimately your profits.

My boss was giving me a headache.
Mike, “A” Player Exit Interview

Reality Check: Are you the stressor or the solution?

Like Mike, my managers at an oil company in the 1980s were giving me headaches. Instead of leaving, I munched on anti-depressants for five of my six managers. However, one leader motivated me to achieve the impossible every day. No meds needed. To this day, if Bob called me, I’d be there! I’d take the proverbial bullet for him.

Reality Check: Is there anyone on your staff who would take a bullet for you? Or would your staff prefer to use you for target practice?

People love working for people who fulfill the three universal human needs once food and shelter are met. The three universal needs are summarized in the following three questions:

One: Can I trust you?

Trust is a foreign concept here.
Sandra, Culture Audit Interview

Two: Do you care about me?

All Richard cares about is Richard.
Anthony, 360 Leader Assessment

Three: Can we make a difference?

Only reason I’m here are the clients I serve.
Lisa, Non-Profit Agency Leadership Development Class Break

Reality Check: Imagine you took a quick poll, would the majority of the responses be “yes” or “no”?

The answers you receive impact your branding, engagement and sustainable results.

How You Lead Matters!

Coaching Moment

Get your leadership team together and discuss in depth the three questions above. Please be specific as to the five behaviors per manager that were the basis for a “yes” or “no” response.

Then brainstorm and develop a game plan to counteract the “no” behaviors, individually and as a team. Implement the new “love to” behaviors. Observe and debrief the change in the perceived stress levels of your workforce.

Engaged people perform at higher levels.
They are 56% more likely to build better customer loyalty.

Gallup Poll

“Have to” or “Love to”: The Power of Choice!
How You Lead Is How You Succeed!

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Thank you for your insight and ability to address important issues with our employees – our most valuable asset.

                                                            Brad Mayne, President/CEO, American Airlines

You are far more powerful than you imagine.
Happy in Spite of People, High Engagement Parable

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