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Igniting Greatness


Spirited Leadership
51% of the US workforce are actively seeking
new employment with poor supervisors
as the leading factor.

Gallup Survey

The Harvard Business Review recently reported in a CEO forum in which participants concluded that protecting their employees from bad managers should be their top HR strategic initiative. Based on my worldwide observations across 18 industries, the CEOs got to the heart and soul of plummeting engagement and top talent fleeing an organization – bad managers.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Peter Drucker

Bad managers create fear-based cultures that destroy trust, motivation, innovation and teamwork. Employees’ valuable energy and commitment are focused on getting a new position. Individuals choose to keep their heads down to avoid being the target of a bully attack.

Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust, now in its fourth edition has been used by thousands of leaders globally to transform bad managers into leaders and build cultures of trust. Practical, clear, concise and chock-full of earned wisdom, the workbook and exercises increase awareness and provoke self-reflection. The intensive “executive coaching in a book” drives accountability to change unwanted behaviors and attitudes into those that motivate and inspire excellence in others through example.

Nothing changes out there
until something changes within, with you.

Spirited Leadership

Got bad managers? Got good managers who want to become leaders? Everyone can up their trust quotient today with these insights and timeless truths found in Spirited Leadership.

Your choices define you – not your DNA, your past or your environment.

Every choice matters.

Living your message beats preaching it.

Attitude is everything.

Everyone and everything is your teacher. There are no wasted experiences.

Choose to respond, not react.

Everything you do or say communicates. There are no neutral actions.

Actions have consequences, plain and simple.

Respect is the rock on which trust is built.

Genius takes courage.

There’s always something to celebrate!

Live an extraordinary life – serve!

Coaching Moments

Are your strategic initiatives stalled? Has passion for your product or services skipped a beat? Breathe, now imagine what is the root cause?

Identify three actions you can take to resuscitate trust and passion.

Everything is doable
when the human heart is engaged
and spirit is at work.

An essential guide that all aspiring leaders should take along with them, Spirited Leadership is a journey you should begin today. With every turn of the page, you are confronted with rich lessons and surprising questions.

Co-author of the Leadership Challenge and Credibility
Former Chairman of the Tom Peters Group Learning Systems

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It's All About Trust.™

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