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Recently I was the perfect example of an uncontrolled mind wreaking havoc. I couldn’t wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the roads were super icy and I saw a horrible wreck while inching my way to the appointment. While the healthcare professionals were amazing and the process seamless, I experienced a panic attack while waiting the 15 minutes to ensure no reaction to the vaccine. My heart began racing. “Oh, my goodness, I’m having an adverse reaction.” That one thought began the catastrophizing. “What if I have a wreck on the way home. It’s so slick?” “What if I’m home alone and stroke out?” Being strong natured, I told myself to get over it.

By Grace, as I was walking out a RN with smiling eyes, asked if I was okay. I began to cry and told her about my racing heart. “Let’s go to the recovery room.” Within 30 minutes, my heart rate was normal. The difference was her kindness, conversation and concern. I felt I wasn’t alone. I gushed gratefulness over her as I left and felt even calmer.

What’s the point of the story? There are actually seven. One: Our thoughts and emotions can wreak havoc on our health. Stop catastrophizing. Choose faith over fear. Two: Kindness, conversation and concern are needed more than ever in these cr-aaa-zy times. Three: We have the power to be someone’s hope and miracle as the RN was for me. Four: It’s not about our position or title, it’s about listening and showing compassion. Five: Everything is temporary. This too shall pass. Six: We are far more powerful than we know. We have a reservoir of strength. We’ve already survived 100% of our worst days. Seven: Gushing gratitude calms the nervous system and heart.

Our thoughts and emotions are ours, and ours alone to watch and choose. We are not at the whim of external events, others or societal norms. We get to choose to make our lives Heaven or Hell. These are the premises of my new book that I’m excited to announce will launch on March 8th, International Women’s Day. Stay tuned to learn how to level the playing field and WIN at work and in life – to be your own Champion.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you His favor and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

If you are having a panic attack and would like some kindness and a conversation, please reach out to me at 214.207.7718. You matter. Virtual hug, Ellen

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