Acquisition International has selected Ellen Castro as the winner of the Global Female Executive Coach of the year award for 2019.

2019 Influential Businesswoman of the Year Awards

“Shattering my head on the glass ceiling in the 1980s was simply preparation to help people learn to live better lives. Stronger us, stronger business, better world. How exciting!”



Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer. Igniting your potential for Greatness.  Ellen Castro is always constructive and solution focused as she skyrockets you to success.

Thank you, Ellen and my full respect for your ability to pull the workshop through. It’s amazing and a bit embarrassing to see the difference a competent, third party person can accomplish when stakeholders are stuck.

Dag JungenfeltVP, Microwave Networks Ericsson

I can’t think of a better title for you than Chief Energizing Officer. Your workshops definitely energized us. They enabled us to embrace change even as it made us uncomfortable and build trust in ourselves as well as with each other. Your attitude and encouragement gave us a safe place in which to grow.

Mary RyanAcademic Advisor, Cedar Valley College

Ellen brought a unique passion and enthusiasm to helping transform the culture of our business… Ellen’s style allows her to quickly understand the ‘feel’ of the business and make an impact on the results.

Jim LewandowskiEVP of the Americas, McAfee


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