A Thought Away - Thoughts are powerful

A Thought Away

Our thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts create our beliefs. Our beliefs drive our actions. We get to choose our thoughts thus influencing our mental health and experience of life. What thoughts are you choosing moment-to-moment?

Forever is composed of nows.
Emily Dickenson

Our inner world is completely up to us and within our power. I must admit as much as I coach that thoughts have power; I find that there I times that I am easily triggered by the external. When I’m triggered, I recycle depleting thoughts that facilitate stress, anxiety and depression that pull me down. Life has taught me to consciously journey away from the external noise and back into the present.

When I focus on the moment, I can breathe again and choose life-giving thought(s). I let life be life knowing that life is constantly expanding and contracting for us all.

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I stop reacting, pushing back, catastrophizing and speculating. I remember this too shall pass.

Though I walk through the valley of death, I do not have to build a house there.
Louise Hay

Let’s enjoy this holiday season and every moment that comes by choosing thoughts that serve us, where:

Gratitude replaces grumbling.
Faith replaces fear.
Humility replaces hubris.
Compassion replaces condemnation.
Mercy replaces mistakes.
Grace replaces grudges.
Joy replaces judgement.

With these mindful exchanges, we’ll experience more moments of serenity instead of never-ending stress, more tranquility instead of chronic tension, more peace instead of constant pressure and more mental well-being instead of anxiety and depression. We have the power. Go, us!

May you have warmth in your hearts

and smiles on your faces.

May you feel joyfully alive knowing

how deeply and dearly you are loved.

Merry Everything!

To a Glorious and Amazing 2023

Overflowing with Peace and Plenty for All.

Merry Christmas

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