Rooted in Truth: All is Possible

Rooted in Truth: ALL is Possible

Six Powerful Choices to Lift Us Up

This article was first published in Science of Mind Magazine – January 2023.

Life’s continual reboots and struggles chip away at the “truths” that our rational minds dearly hold on to. Slowly and methodically, spiritual growth happens when you are willing to question your beliefs and assumptions and you are willing to change. Even if you are not willing to change, life will provide the proverbial reboot with a dreaded virus or unexpected event. Life persists in keeping us moving forward on our path of self-discovery.

My “truths” for too many decades were based on faulty software installed during childhood. What about your software and “truths?” I’m certain you have your version of “truths” that served you well until the next virus or reboot. Reboots lovingly become upgrades as we realize life is for us. God wants us to live the fullness of life that Ernest Holmes proclaimed in his writings. By grace and embracing upgrades, my “truths” have evolved to what I now know are truths.

Truths as I Know in My Heart and Mind Today

The life within me is God. The only thing that can deny God is you.
Ernest Holmes

We are always and forever deeply and dearly loved. We are inherently worthy. The same Spirit that is in God is in us. We are never abandoned. We are always embraced and secure in God’s love and protection regardless of appearances. All is in Divine order. All is revealed at the perfect time.

We are God’s masterpiece – fearfully and wonderfully made. We are the Divine with infinite potential and possibility. Spirit is alive in us!

We can’t get it wrong. There is mercy and grace for every perceived “mistake.” God is a God of infinite chances, impossibilities and miracles.

Our state of life is a reflection of our state of mind. We change our thoughts to change our beliefs and our world. Our highest, most radiant life is ours to create with faith and better choices.

Every thought has energy. Every thought has power. Every thought creates our future. Through the decades, I’ve consciously chosen new thoughts that led to new patterns of living. Definitely a lot of work and definitely worth the effort. We’re worth the effort.

Over time and deepening awareness of Spirit, my thoughts have evolved to delete a lot of the darkness; edit the ongoing drama and chaos; and, put suffering in the trash bin where it belongs. While struggle is normal as we learn, grow and adapt, suffering is optional.

Better Choices for Reflecting the Life of God

One: Choose faith.

My default was fear. The lists of fears were endless. What if the shoe drops? What if I can’t shake this depression? What if God doesn’t love me? What if I’m always going to be lonely? What if…? Can you relate? Then, please, begin doing what I did. I started noticing how with grace I always get back up regardless of the setback. I found a solution – a reboot. An example is when I met a stranger on a ferry boat in Spain who said I should apply to Harvard University after my meltdown in the 1980s at Exxon. I applied. The experience changed the trajectory of my career from oil and gas industry to coaching and consulting globally – a more fulfilling path than I could have imagined.

I began to notice how God always made a Divine connection at the perfect time. I was extremely lonely. Guzzling vodka and munching on antidepressants were not helping. Then at a client Christmas party, the CFO, Tom, asked if I needed a pet. His new born was allergic to cats. I said yes and received the best gift ever, Mr. P. He literally saved my life. He gave me a reason to wake-up and live.

Look back at how your situations worked out in the past. Look back at all the ways life has loved you. Stir up your faith. You’ve already survived 100% of your worse days. The best is yet to be.

Two: Choose to live in gratitude.

There’s a lot to be grateful when we look for and consider everything that is working in our life instead of focusing on everything that is wrong and/or missing. Change the focus and change your life for the better. Every breath is a gift. Every sunset is a gift. Every day we can get out of bed is a gift. The beauty of Mother Nature is a gift. Knowing we are eternal and forever loved is a gift.

Even depression is a gift. It’s gifted me with the ability to help others through theirs.

Choosing gratitude is a gift we give to ourselves.

Three: Choose forgiveness.

Like gratitude, forgiveness is gift we give ourselves to live today free and unencumbered, not haunted by the past. By releasing the past, we make room for the new and wondrous to enter our lives. For too long I was reliving my past in the present. By recounting the tragedies and betrayal, I thought it proved how amazing and courageous I am. Truth is, it kept me stuck in the darkness and fighting mode ready for the next attack and betrayal. Haven’t we grieved and defended ourselves long enough?

By forgiving, we are not condoning the behavior. We are untangling ourselves from the past and setting ourselves free from the experiences. Arise and shine. We are free to live in this glorious limitless present where all is possible.

Four: Choose self-compassion.

I’m actually pretty new at this choice. I’m definitely more compassionate with strangers than with myself. There is still a battle with my inner critic who I named Bruiser. Seems like Bruiser is calming down now that I have redefined achievement. I’ve been driven by fleeting external achievements hoping to fill the gaping hole in my heart of not being good enough, worthy of life. As I’ve allowed God to love me, achievements are now internal. Being still and knowing is replacing doing. My mind is quieting. As I’m kinder and gentler with me and with others, the world is kinder and gentler.

Five: Choose mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? After practicing the art of mindfulness, these are my thoughts. Mindfulness is about being fully aware and living in the present moment, untangled from the past. It’s about watching our thoughts with detachment and a quiet mind. The quiet mind allows for a higher perspective.

Mindfulness is the practice of acceptance and non-resistance, accepting life on its terms, as it is. It’s about going with the flow instead of asserting the ego’s will by fighting reality. It’s about being open hearted and curious to what life is presenting us without judgment. It’s about knowing that life has far more to offer us than we can imagine. It’s about coming to peace with oneself and life at the deepest level.

While practicing mindfulness, I find it helpful to say to myself, “So this is what it feels like to be anxious” instead of attaching to the anxiety. “So, this is what it is like to feel unmotivated” instead of attaching to being unmotivated. Another helpful phrase to stay mindful and not fall into the abyss is “I’m experiencing sadness.” By experiencing sadness, versus “I am sad” helps me realize it is not a permanent state, rather it is impermanent and fleeting as is all of life’s experiences.

The choice and practice of mindfulness allows for calmness and serenity regardless of external factors. There is freedom.

Six: Surrender to life’s perfection.

As I have deepened in my faith, I’ve released the illusion of control. The heavy burden of having to maintain and sustain everything through my will and effort alone is lifted.

It certainly is exhausting being General Manager of the universe. Letting life be life is a much better choice. Trusting the process of life is a chill pill for the soul. Considering how planet earth can revolve around the sun with such perfection, my complex body heals and functions and so many other wonders, I now lighten up to enjoy the magnificence and perfection of it all.

My Affirmations for Truth and Reboots

Life is beautiful. Life is for us. Every reboot has a purpose. You are more powerful than you can imagine. Let’s choose to live light hearted and carefree “this thing called life.”

I share here one of my affirmations based on Ernest Holmes perspective, insights and wisdom about truth and reboots – uncovering the real self.

God is the health of my body, the inspiration of my mind and the good of my world.

What I am to know, I will know.

What I am to do, I will do.

What belongs to me comes to me with ease and grace.

All who know me will be healed, blessed and prospered.

Grounded in the beauty and truth that you are, may you be healed, blessed and prospered. May you live radiantly healthy and joyfully alive by standing in this powerful truth. May this be your best year yet.

Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, trusted coach and business advisor, life-changing speaker and empowering author inspires you to create more success and greater fulfillment with less stress. Each underline/hyperlink goes to page if clicked: CEO to bio, coach to coach, business advisor to consulting, speaker to speaker, author to writing.

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You are meant to thrive!

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