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How Are You?

With these curious and uncertain times, I wanted to check on you. You matter to me. You matter to lots of people.

The pandemic has taken us to a stressful and uncomfortable place. Stress is a leading cause of heart disease and depression. The Harvard School of Public Health stated that in 2020, the leading cause of death and disability will be heart disease and severe depression. Different researchers concluded that in the US, the average age for the onset of depression was 27. Today it is 14 years old. And that was pre-COVID. That’s scary.

Each of us can make a positive difference to others in our everyday actions and communications. Everything counts in making someone feel valued and important. Let’s take time to see people and acknowledge his/her presence. Let’s put our devices down and truly listen with our eyes, ears and heart. Do their words align with their posture and facial expression? What about the tone of their voice? Let our hearts hear what is not being said. Giving others our undivided attention sends a clear message, “You are important.”

Everybody wants to be seen. Everybody wants to be understood. Everybody wants to be loved. Like most things in life, it is about our everyday encounters. Our everyday communications and actions make people feel appreciated and valued or they do not. There are no neutral actions.

To give your mental health and well-being a boost, try these activities which have helped me:

Be your own cheerleader. Tell your inner critic to take a rest.

Be your own authority and listen to your heart. Abandoning yourself to others is a slow death to your spirit.

Engage with people who uplift, encourage and provide caring candor. Stop associating with people who trick you into believing your dreams and your hopes are too good to be true. Nothing is too good to be true. I would never have believed that out of the chaos, my life would become this beautiful and rewarding with faith and better choices.

See everything as a coaching moment to help you gain character, strength and resilience – to be your greater most brilliant you. Perspective is everything.

Enjoy the progress you’ve made. Perfection is an illusion and overkill. Celebrate your success.

Forgive instantly. Refuse to hold grudges and resentment that poison this moment. Situations are only permanent if you make them so.

Begin each day expecting it to be an amazing, wonder-filled day. You get what you expect.

End each day with gratitude and joy. There’s lots to be grateful for when you choose to change your focus. Change your thoughts, change your world.

Slow down, go with the flow, keep breathing and smiling. Life is happening for you, not to you.

If you know someone who is lost inside. Reach out. “You matter to me,” said with sincerity, kindness and compassion could save a life. Consider saying:

You are needed.

Don’t give up.

You are stronger than you think. I know you can do this.

You’ve already survived 100% of your worst days. This will pass.

I believe in you. It’s all going to be okay.

How can I help? You are not alone.

The world needs you. I need you.

You are loved.

Knowing someone is at your side, that you matter and it’s all going to be okay gives her/him the ray of light and hope they need, it certainly did for me. Be that ray of light and hope!

In today’s world of uncertainty, anger and stress, let’s greet everyone with a smile. Let’s consciously choose to make all our communications expressly or implicitly imply “you matter.”

Know this,

You are amazing, awesome and one-of-a-kind!
You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
You are priceless!
You are stronger and more resilient than you know!
You are loved big time.
All of heaven is cheering you on.
You are worth celebrating!

Virtual hugs! Please reach out if you are feeling lost inside or want me to shower you with love and encouragement or need a prayer partner. I’m at your side.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you His favor and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, trusted coach and business advisor, life-changing speaker and empowering author inspires you to create more success and greater fulfillment with less stress. Each underline/hyperlink goes to page if clicked: CEO to bio, coach to coach, business advisor to consulting, speaker to speaker, author to writing.

Your success is my focus.
You are meant to thrive!

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