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Seems like most conversations today inevitably lead to discussing today’s broken world. The conversations range from the Ukraine, to inflation, to the lingering impact of the pandemic, to the divisions on all fronts in the United States and more. As voices elevate, so do the levels of stress. When I find myself in this situation, I mention that what I miss a lot today is our loss of civility. People stop, are quiet and nod in silent agreement. Our conversations then shift to what we can personally do to model civility – to make this world calmer.

What is civility? Webster’s defines it as: “civilized conduct – especially courtesy and politeness and a polite act or expression.” Based on my countless conversations, the definition of “civility” is more expansive. Civility also includes:

• Being gracious and showing respect.

• Extending kindness and cooperation.

• Showing a reverence for humanity – for others.

• Creating a sense or feeling of being seen, heard and of safety.

• Extending mercy and exhibiting humility.

I invite you to join my challenge to model civility. When we encounter hurtful, inconsiderate behavior or when we feel rebuffed, let’s:

• Breathe instead of reacting and escalating the negative feelings and situation.

• Stay centered in ourselves.

• Choose to respond with civility, mercy and grace.

Today is a new day! Let’s be the healing balm of civility and the instrument of peace in this messy world.

We were created for times like these.

If it is possible,
so far as it depends on you,
live peacefully with all.

Romans 12:18

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