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Face-to-face 360 interviews provide a wealth of information and insights for my coaching clients. They are amazing reminders of the pragmatic attitudes and actions needed to be a leader of choice. In a world of constant change and increasing demands, here is a list of reminders to increase your influence, your followership and ability to partner successfully. I recommend keeping the list handy.

You must connect before you can lead. Be the first to smile.

Trust is a noun and verb. Individuals must feel they can trust you and that you care about them.

Be conscious and present. Everything you do communicates. There are no neutral actions. Someone is always watching.

Be and act like an adult. Avoid the roles of parent and child in the workplace. Take the high road.

The emotional noise you create matters. It either adds to your ability to connect and influence or it puts people on high alert and diminishes your brand.

You get what you model. With every deed, you plant a seed. You reap what you sow.

Be collaborative and solution focused. Humility counts. Drop all blame and arrogance. Arrogance minimizes others and your ability to create followership.

A happy workforce is a motivated workforce. Don’t expect a motivated workforce where no one is smiling, including you.

The delivery of the message is as important as the message itself. Body language is 55% of the communication, tone is 38% and the words are 7%.

Keep all stakeholders in the loop. No one likes to be blindsided or thrown under the proverbial bus. Blind carbon copies (Bcc) are never “blind.”

Talking to each other is always better than talking about each other. If it isn’t your story to tell, do not share it.

Show appreciation for a job well done. Offer help and encouragement when you see someone struggling.

Celebrate others’ achievements. Take pride in refusing to take credit for others’ work. BTW: People know who actually did the work.

Build a bigger team. Be inclusive. You are living your legacy today.

Finally, remain curious and coachable. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Shallow men (and women) believe in luck or in circumstances.
Strong men (and women) believe in cause and effect.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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