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“The Great Resignation” of 2021, and now “Quiet Quitters,” what is a person to do? Be our best self. We owe it to ourselves and to the world to be leaders. Leadership is not about title and position, it’s about respect, trust and earning followership. Gaining a following gives us a greater sense of meaning as well as ups our game and joy at work and in life.

A key ingredient to earning followership is recognition – the gift of significance. Giving recognition, like most things in life, is about our small everyday moment-to-moment interactions. Our everyday encounters and communications as a manager or sole contributor can make people feel appreciated and valued or the exact opposite – invisible.

Each encounter we have
either makes people feel like heroes or zeroes.
There are no neutral actions.

My clients say recognition is more challenging today considering the remote workforce, the confusion of our world, etcetera. Life itself seems more challenging today. That’s exactly why we need to purposefully give recognition – to give hope, encouragement and create a greater sense of connection.

The following 10 actions are from my Recognition To-Do List that re-ignite hearts and engagement.

One: Recognize individuals in the morning, hallways, elevators – anywhere and everywhere so they feel seen and visible.

Two: Be totally present in your conversations so the individual feels valued and heard. Listen to what is not being said – the body language – as well as the words and tone.

Three: Exhibit common courtesy – a “please” and “thank you” go a long way to influencing others.

Four: Know and remember each person’s name and something unique to build rapport. An example: Girl Scout troop leader, softball Little League coach.

Five: Acknowledge personal/professional milestones such as receiving a degree.

Six: Express gratitude for attitudes and behaviors that helped you or your team make it through what seemed the impossible.

Seven: Extend a helping hand or encouraging word when you sense someone is having a difficult time.

Eight: Bring in treats just because you can. Who doesn’t feel more hopeful and encouraged with free food?!

Nine: Consider calling versus texting to make the personal connection.

Ten: Be constructive and respectful or be quiet.

Nothing else can quite substitute for a few
well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise.
They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.

Sam Walton

I’d be remiss not mentioning a few actions that bankrupt relationships. A few of the frustrating and outright disrespectful activities include:

• Always finding fault.
• Undermining others.
• Hoarding information and power.
• Taking credit for others’ work.
• Being dismissive of others’ ideas or inputs, including rolling your eyes.
• Being a bully.

We reap what we sow.

As another reality check, there are two big reasons not to be a “quiet quitter.” One, it’s not good for your overall well-being. Two, it’s a small world. An off-the-record comment by someone who has noticed your “quitting” could prevent you from getting a promotion or your dream job.

Let’s choose to be the solution. If not us, who?

You’ve got what it takes.

You are someone’s miracle.

Keep your light burning!

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