Are you ready to gain more momentum towards your strategic objectives? Do you need to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough? Are your people feeling like heroes or zeroes? Does your culture inspire engagement, commitment and innovation?
It’s all about TRUST™!

Break Throughs Start With Ellen


Successful organizations focus on people obtaining the needed results and profits. Customers, stakeholders, floor workers, staff and management all thrive in cultures that value relationships of trust, excellence and collaboration.

Trust problems create business problems.

Ellen has seen it all, from the up-and-coming executive who is stifled by the bureaucracy to the “leader” who directs through fear and intimidation. Seen it. Solved it.

Trust impacts business outcomes.

Whatever your business challenge, Ellen can help you break through the barriers to trust for greater engagement and a stronger bottom line.

Trust is a must to achieve the impossible which is seemingly necessary in today’s competitive, ever-evolving landscape.

When results matter, Ellen delivers.

Delivering Results Case Studies

A global European technology company acquired a Silicon Valley start-up to build a US presence. The integration process was in turmoil due to clashing cultures and leadership styles.  Trust between the two companies was non-existent, which crippled communications and disrupted innovation.  Operations imploded and derailed the delivery schedule of a crucial platform.

The Executive Vice President engaged Ellen to bring a fresh perspective, clarity and laser beam focus to the problem.  Working at all levels of management, Ellen guided the company through the discovery of the root causes and the development of a comprehensive strategic change program.  She provided 360° feedback, executive coaching and change workshops that reopened lines of communication, formed stronger professional relationships, reignited innovation and forged two cultures into one team that delivered the product on time. And it was – quite a celebration!

It’s all about TRUST™.

An Aviation executive was frustrated and at a loss. All his efforts to increase employee engagement had failed. He reached out to a mentor for advice. The CEO recommended he contact Ellen who had performed a Pulse Check. Ellen had identified areas of improvement coupled with a strategic actionable game plan for the CEO and his team to implement.

The Aviation executive contacted Ellen. Together, they made the needed changes that resulted in improved employee engagement and even a promotion for the executive.

Outside-in view and innovative approaches are game changers.

The CEO of a mid-size electronics company wanted to grow the business exponentially, both organically and by acquisition. The leadership team realized they needed to build leadership bench strength and to break down the silos and friction between departments.

Ellen developed a customized, activity-driven game plan that included on-demand coaching, monthly leadership education programs and workshops that gave supervisors and managers the attitudes, skills, and open dialogue they would need to turn silos into teams. Quarterly Directors’ sessions focused on resolving issues and exploiting opportunities, while giving the Directors sharper critical thinking skills, leadership muscle and people smarts. Ellen’s leadership initiative instilled a sense of unity towards winning the business. People were promoted! Engagement and productivity soared!

Leadership and bench strength is required to meet today’s demands
and for tomorrow’s opportunities
– to thrive regardless of the ever-changing landscape.

What Clients Say

Ellen Castro continuously exceeds my expectations. She’s engaging, insightful and shares pragmatic practices that take us to the next level of customer excellence and service.

Penny Schob
Director, Tech Data Systems

Thank you so much for bringing us into the light with leadership development. Your sessions have gotten people thinking and talking about their effect on others. Not only did you begin to open people’s minds, you also helped re-affirm my credibility because I chose you to conduct the sessions.

Rita Ransdell
EVP, Human Resources, American Airlines Center

The right foundation on both sides supported with the right external observer/coach really makes the relationship blossom. Your support has been instrumental here.

Anders Olin
Global EVP, Ericsson