Adjust Your Perspective to Change the Game

Women, Adjust Your Jockstrap

Women, Adjust Your Jockstrap is your game changing down-to-earth pragmatic Playbook to:

  • Own the playing field – not just level the field – for career advancement.
  • Gain stamina, authentic power and inner self-confidence – to exude executive presence.
  • Rewire your mindset and brain from societal and cultural conditioning to be formidable you.
  • Understand and learn the rules of the game to unapologetically take your place at the table.
  • Be more agile by adjusting your perspective and narrative.
  • Break through the invisible ceiling without shattering your head like I did.
  • Live life to the fullest as a self-empowered woman – happy, comfortable and confident in any boardroom or situation.


Why just endure when you can thrive in the workplace! Women do have more challenges in the workplace. Do yourself a favor, get over it. Is it fair? No! Is it changing? Much too slowly. Adjust Your Jockstrap gives you proven strategies, game changing approaches and new plays to level the playing field and multiply exponentially your likelihood for winning in a man’s world.  It’s time to take your rightful place as a colleague and thought partner in the workplace. These insights and 225 Practices have already leveled the playing field for countless people worldwide.

Adjust Your JockstrapAdjust Your Jockstrap is about taking 100% accountability for your choices and career. It’s about taking your life off autopilot with self-awareness and self-understanding that sparks new choices and actions. It’s about unpacking engrained societal patterns, cultural myths, outdated biases and invisible barriers, including the ones in your own mind. You’ll gain the home field advantage by defeating your inner trash talk that keeps striking you out. You’ll learn how to call fouls on culturally mind-made conditioning with a smile.

If you struggle with self-doubt and need encouragement, this raw Uncensored Playbook provides self-confidence training while building your leadership muscle so you can exude executive presence. You will gain winning plays to approach any challenge with a smile, to turn every curve ball into a home run, to garner strength and resiliency with every tackle. You have what it takes to achieve your best, create success on your terms and live your boldest dreams.

What is mind-made can be changed! Change your thoughts, change your game, change the workplace. Your life has meaning. Be unapologetic, daring and authentic – THRIVE! Women, Adjust Your Jockstrap to score big at work and in life! You are the game changer!  

The raw insights, no nonsense Practices and wisdom come from Ellen Castro’s challenging personal experiences. Ellen, an MBA Latina trailblazer, scrambled up the corporate ladder with 6 promotions in 11 years amidst the racial slurs, groping and daily harassment in the good ole’ boy Exxon in the 1970-1980s. Being a punching bag left her feeling bruised and battered with no hope. In 1985, she found herself on suicide watch in a psycho ward. Instead of shattering the glass ceiling; the glass ceiling shattered Ellen. Her demoralizing defeat became her purpose and her miracle. She is determined to help others not lose hope and have faith in their potential and greatness. She has spent decades decoding the unwritten ground rules and creating game changing plays she shares with multitudes on how to be wildly successful and fulfilled in any world.

Adjust Your JockstrapBook Excerpts

“Introspection is the breakfast for champions. Go within and sit quietly. Listen. Observe and explore your beliefs, thoughts and your past. A belief is only a thought you keep repeating. Don’t believe everything you think.

“Interview for giggles. Men, in general, when applying for positions, do not ask themselves, ‘What if I don’t meet all the qualifications?’ They apply. Women tend to feel they need to meet all the requirements. Apply like a man.”

“Every tackle is temporary. Only you can make the tackle a permanent injury.”

“Trust is genderless. Trust is a noun and a verb.”


“Ellen is powerfully inspiring with practical advice delivered in a compassionate down-to-earth way.”

Leigh Kohnfelder, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother.

“Ellen Castro was my game changer. With her caring heart, insights and practical tips, she helped my confidence soar. I got 3 promotions in 14 months!”

Santiago Garcia, Manager.

“You are my inspiration and definitely my miracle.”

Analisa Dominguez Eaton, VP.

“Change your thoughts,
change your world.
Every thought has power.
Choose sunny thoughts!”

Thrive with Ellen Castro