Reputation: Something You Can Control Even in Uncertainty

Does your reputation illicit hope and confidence? Does your personal brand create and attract followership? Does the emotional noise around your personal brand open possibilities and doors for you, others and your company? Or slam them shut? I believe your brand is your greatest asset in business and life. I was thrilled to have a lively interview with James Miller from LIFEOLOGY® on the subject.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how others perceive you – your reputation? Among your colleagues and friends, are you the encourager, the leader, the optimist or the narcissist, the gossiper, the downer? Any and all labels are usually based on how we present ourselves and the impact we make. When you take a moment to reflect on how you interact with others, it allows you to take self-responsibility for your impact and the memories you create. Your impact affects your ability to persuade, develop relationships of trust, your success, joy and well-being. As Barbara Walters stated, “It’s not overly dramatic to say your destiny hangs upon the impression you make.” And please, never forget that people and organizations have long memories, and at times, unforgiving.

At a time when my clients, as most of us, are searching for a glimpse of certainty, let’s consider taking self-responsibility for our responses, actions and emotions to build a stronger, more resilient us, brand and community. The following are practical actions and insights into building a stronger brand especially during times of uncertainty when emotions are high.

Live consciously. Choose to respond, not react.

Keep your perspective and stay calm.

Everything communicates. There are no neutral actions.

Be consistent in your words, actions and moods.

First impressions count. Make it a good one.

Say “please” and “thank you” to show respect and courtesy.

Words matter – “cost conscious” sounds and feels better than “cost cutting.”

The delivery of the message is as important as the message itself.

Be constructive and uplifting especially when giving difficult feedback.

Listen more than you speak.

Always take the high road for your sake.

Keep your sense of humor.

We’re in this together. Everything we do either builds self-esteem or destroys it. Everything we do either builds a sense of inclusion or isolation. Everything we do matters. You matter!

Stay safe. Be well. Sending blasts of all goodness and grace your way! Ellen

What actions will you take to build a stronger you and brand?

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