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Listen to Ellen Castro’s latest interview with James Miller from LIFEOLOGY®. James and Ellen discuss reputation. Have you ever stopped and thought about how others perceive you – your reputation? Among your colleagues and friends, are you the encourager, the leader, the optimist or the narcissist, the gossiper, the downer? Any and all labels are usually based on how we present ourselves and the impact we make. When you take a moment to reflect on how you interact with others, it allows you to take self-responsibility. Your impact affects your success and well-being.

Ellen shares her insights starting at 6:10. This is an interview you don’t want to miss. Listen now!

greatnessEllen’s greatest joy and driver is to make a positive impact on others – to be someone’s miracle. By igniting and empowering others to be 100% accountable for their choices and lives, to live authentically from their gifts and greatness instead of feeling marginalized and living from perceived limitations and fear.

Ellen’s passion comes from the pain and ashes of the past, a past that included a childhood filled with drama, mental illness, alcoholism and abuse. Thank God for Mrs. Fleming, her first grade teacher, who saved her life or at the very least, changed the direction with a welcoming hug and look of acceptance. Mrs. Fleming sparked hope that there was something good within her. That hope inspired Ellen to continue the fight not only to survive but to be her personal best regardless of the perceived odds.

IMG_1335We all have stories. Fortunately, by faith and better choices, we can change our stories. Ellen smiles knowing her experiences gave her the strength, character and compassion to be someone’s Mrs. Fleming. Her mess became her message. Through her writing Ellen shares the insights and earned wisdom of a lifetime.

Live energized! Live empowered!

It all begins with you!

Ellen’s Five Tips for Being a Spirited Leader are:
1. Change your thoughts, change your world.
2. We are our choices.
3. Live consciously.
4. Re-define failure.
5. It’s all about TRUST™

View her entire Dallas Morning News column online with more on Ellen’s Five Tips.

For bilingual/Spanish speaking readers, Ellen also publishes her message in Spanish. Her latest blog can be seen at Super Latina. Si Ud. tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto.

Book of the Year Award

Embrace it all.

What Readers Say

Ellen – Enjoy your tweets – always lifts my spirits.

Graeme McKenzie

You are so prolific, yet down-to-earth. I can feel the energy and goodness you exude.

Leigh Kohnfelder
Owner, Obsidian

Ellen is one of the most inspirational people on the planet. She excels at thinking outside the box to make good situations and results rise from the ashes of deep despair.

Jean Hawkins