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Spirited Leadership, 4th edition

Spirited Leadership, 4th edition

It’s all about TRUST™!

Spirited Leadership gives you 52 Ways to Build Trust and use the inevitable obstacles in life as breakthroughs -- not breakdowns. Uplifting and energizing, this personal leadership workout and guide provides you with practical, insightful applications and solutions to achieving more success with less stress.

"Spirited Leadership is a must-read for anyone who wants to live according to values." Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager Series

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“Leadership” television interview, Mornings with Lorri and Larry.


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Happy in Spite of People

Happy in Spite of People

Happy in Spite of People is the crucial missing “peace” that nourishes your mind, heart and spirit. This uplifting, liberating and relevant parable provides an innovative and pragmatic approach to dealing with people at work and in life where 12 complex human personas and personalities are represented as cats.

"Ellen Castro’s warm and witty book welcomes you to the feline world of Mr. P, and its many colorful cats who will surely remind you of people you know. As the wise and spiritually-enlightened Mr. P tries to be a friend and coach to the frightened and the narcissistic, the aggressive and the depressed, he has much to teach readers about being at peace with themselves, their Creator and some of the challenging characters that come into all our lives." Dr. Lee Bolman, Co-author of Leading with Soul and Reframing Organizations, The Marion H. Bloch, University of Missouri Chair in Leadership

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“Change your thoughts,
change your world.
Every thought has power.
Choose sunny thoughts!”

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