A Blast of Positivity

A Blast of Positivity

I pray that you and yours are healthy. You matter to me – to many. Several individuals have reached out to me needing my positivity amidst the “depressing news.” So that’s my intent with this blog. Please note that articulating the intent of your communications is especially important today.

You are amazing.

You are amazing. Life is madly in love with you. You got this. You are far more powerful than you imagine. You are needed more than ever. Change your thoughts, change your world. Every thought counts. Your choices define you – not your DNA, past or these exceptional times.

Embrace it all.

Embrace it all. It is what it is. There are no brownie points for suffering. Maintain a healthy diet, mindset and lifestyle. Be strong and courageous. Fake it till you make it. There are no wasted experiences. Remain open and coachable. Keep your sense of humor. A good mood is good for you.

This too shall pass. You’ve survived 100% of your worse days. Bright and sunny days are in your future.

Emotions are high.

Emotions are high. Everyone is coping the best they know how, including me. Be compassionate. Breathe and respond versus reacting to comments and underlying fears. Or simply walk away and address it later if needed. Let go quickly of the offense.

Choose to serve. Think big even now – take your foot off the brake. Define success for you. Do the work that makes you come alive.

Take one step towards a dream. Be your own hero.

Keep the faith.

Keep the faith. Stay hopeful and calm. Breathe. Smile. Repeat. Exaggerate your good. The emotional noise you create matters to the world – make it uplifting and good. Be reassuring. Be kind. Offer hope. Be the smile someone needs.

Let’s be united, responsible and caring. Please take care of yourself, your loved ones and others.

Love and big virtual hugs, Ellen

Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, trusted coach and business advisor, life-changing speaker and empowering author inspires you to create more success and greater fulfillment with less stress. Each underline/hyperlink goes to page if clicked: CEO to bio, coach to coach, business advisor to consulting, speaker to speaker, author to writing.

Your success is my focus.
You are meant to thrive!

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