8 Strategies to Keep Your Mojo

8 Strategies to Keep Your Mojo

Are you feeling stressed? A bit depressed and lethargic? Is it the Coronavirus threat? Your organization’s ever-changing C-Suite making decisions that impact everyone from executives to warehouse employees? Or is it simply the times? Heart disease and depression are now the leading cause of death and disability in the USA and the second leading cause of the World Health Organization calls the “global disability burden.” Sad but true, the average age for the onset of depression in the USA today is 14. Not that long ago, it was 27.

What’s a person to do? Consider implementing some of my earned wisdom. Once upon a time I was almost a statistic. I like you too much for you to be one.

One: Refuse to be easily offended. If you are not invited to a meeting, seek clarification – it possibly was an oversight. If a guy in the hall doesn’t say “hi”, don’t take it personally. Maybe he’s preoccupied or on his device – or he just has no social skills. And, please, if someone opens the door for you, say “thank you.” That is simple common courtesy.

I totally agree with Voltaire, “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.”

Two: Find work that aligns with your strengths and passion within a culture and company where you can succeed. Choose to own your career. It’s not the responsibility of your manager.

Three: If you’ve got a bad boss, interview for giggles. Believe it or not, bad bosses are on your team for greatness. They are here to teach you boundaries, fortitude, and be a radiating example of what you don’t want to become. Bad manager or not, always do the right thing, show a spirit of excellence and be a team player. Someone is always watching, most importantly, yourself.

Four: Put down your devises – give them and yourself a rest. Focus on the task at hand. Focus on the person you are with and create a connection. You must connect before you can influence or lead.

Five: Choose wisely the people you hang out with. Complainers, gossipers, dream killers and energy suckers will impact you, your mood and your reputation. Choose people who are excited about life, care about you and your dreams and who up your game.

Six: Breathe. Smile. Repeat. Everything is temporary. This too shall pass. Everyone has successful and not-so-successful experiences. It all just learning – coaching moments to become even more amazing. As Dolly Parton said, “I thank God for my failures. Maybe not at the time but after some reflection. I never feel like a failure just because something I tried has failed.”

Seven: Keep your sense of humor, especially regarding you. Our ego is not our amigo. I’ve actually learned to laugh at my hysterics.

Eight: Encourage and uplift others. “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” James Matthew Barrie

You are far more powerful than you imagine. Use your imagination and thoughts to tell happy stories. Breathe easy. Take one step, then another. It’s all going to work out.

Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, trusted coach and business advisor, life-changing speaker and empowering author inspires you to create more success and greater fulfillment with less stress. Each underline/hyperlink goes to page if clicked: CEO to bio, coach to coach, business advisor to consulting, speaker to speaker, author to writing.

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