Sure Footing

Sure Footing

Regardless of what is going on externally, we can have sure footing by living our lives from our values and internal principles. I was reminded of this while preparing as a panelist for a Women’s Empowerment Zoom Conference. All the media, social postings and talk of uncertainty and unrest had settled into my Spirit causing melancholy and a tad of depression. Can you relate?

Considering my work is all about accountability, self-leadership and thriving, I was feeling like a fraud to boot. Geez. When reviewing the questions, the epiphany I once knew and needed to be reminded of hit like a bolt of lightning. We are our choices. We choose our thoughts. We can change the thought to change our world.

“Are goals important to success? What are yours?” are two of the questions. A smile appeared on my heart and face as I read and reflected. The goals that have driven me for decades are not about making X dollars per year, being an international business shrink, teaching at universities or writing X books. My overarching goals were always about helping others’ paths be better and brighter – by giving hope, by offering an encouraging word, by giving caring candor and by sharing my earned wisdom. I was on sure footing again. I can still be a difference maker.

Let’s remember what gives each of us purpose and sure footing especially in uncertain times. Breathe. Pause. Choose. All of Heaven is cheering you on.

By grace and good choices, I remain healthy. Continue to know that you and yours remain in my prayers and thoughts for radiant health, love, peace and plenty.

Be still and know.
Psalm 46:10

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You are meant to thrive!

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